Quick Update

Where have I been?

This summer I spent quality time in my Scion, listening to Third Eye Blind on the way to some fun solo acoustic shows. Also, I danced at my sister’s wedding, sang Michael Jackson on the streets of Philly, and kissed a girl in Brooklyn.

What’s up nowadays?

I’m playing bass guitar again, this time for the super talented/hunky Matt Wertz. We’re probably playing in your town, and you should definitely come see us. Check out dates here: http://mattwertz.com/tour


What’s next?

I’ll get off the road just in time to give thanks and eat turkey with the fam. I’ve been working on a secret awesome creative project for a while now that may be ready to launch by then, but we’ll see. I’d love to record some new music, too, but for now that’s wishful thinking, like leftover bacon at the breakfast table.

This courtesy post is brought to you courtesy of Michael McDonald.


Sweet Jewelry! It’s Merch!

I have a merch for you folks. What do you think?


It’s a locket necklace, by the brilliant Miriam Designs

Click here to order one (or twelve)

Everybody does t-shirts and stickers, and maybe someday I will, too. But I wanted to create something that carried a bit more significance to my message than just my name on cotton. “Leave On A Light” is a song about promise, hope, pursuit, and patience. And to me, the locket represents that well. Hope you agree! 


How I Find Success When My Day is a Failure

To me, finding success has always meant that I accomplished with flying colors what I set out to do. I achieved the goal. I won the game.

With that model, I would often fail. I would decide: today I’m going to write a great song! And I would churn out some forgettable melody or I would stare blankly at a blinking cursor for hours. Failure. I wanted to be great at something, but despite my best effort, I could not measure up.

I had a day like that last week. (See photo below)image

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The Real Treasure of Humility

Humility is a means to connection, not perfection.

It’s tough to admit I’m wrong. It’s embarrassing to admit a secret sin. It’s difficult to take responsibility for my flawed behavior. It’s one thing to pray about it, but it’s another thing to confess to the human(s) I’ve affected.

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you.

My former understanding of Bible quotes like that was that humbling myself would have two primary payoffs:
1) I wouldn’t fail the same way again and
2) God would, eventually, make me look good.

I still think both of those are true effects of humility. But when I repeat a failure, humbling myself is double difficult. It’s not fun to say, “Hey, I made this choice and hurt the both of us,” but it’s even worse to have to say, “Hey, I made this choice again.” I guess that’s harder for me because it feels like I’ve out-failed the promises of humility. 

But I think I’ve been missing the most valuable meaning of “and he will exalt you.”

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New Live Album on Noisetrade

Hey y’all!

Good news: today I’m releasing a live acoustic recording called, Live at Common Table. 

Other good news: it’s available for FREE exclusively on Noisetrade

Check it out! I hope you dig it.

If you do, please do me a solid and tell your friends with a tweeter or facebook wall gram. Your online chatter helps me immensely!

This recording is about making room on the couch for those that couldn’t make it to Common Table that evening. I wanted to share some songs and some stories with my friends, and that’s all this is. Just me, the guitar, and some friendly folks kind enough to laugh at my jokes.

For the most part, this recording is raw and unedited. You’ll hear some sour notes, some flubs on the guitar. I didn’t perform perfectly, but perfection wasn’t the goal. We were all there just for a good time, and I hope you have one listening to this lil’ album.

Strawberry Bubblegu-u-u-ummm,


A Playlist For Spring

It’s snowing* this morning in Nashville, so I figured I would warm things up with a playlist for Spring. 

In similar fashion to Fall and Winter, I’ve used Spotify to compile a list of songs that you can enjoy throughout the season. A soundtrack for blooming flowers, north-bound geese, and optimistic romantic endeavors. Some tracks are perennials coming around again, others are brand new buds. These are sounds of green, blue, yellow, and pink.

click here to listen to: green.blue.yellow.pink 


Stay Crafty,

Note: The beauty of Spotify playlists is that they can be updated, which I plan to do with this playlist. So if you’re diggin on it, subscribe to it so you can catch additions. Please make suggestions in the comments below!

* Nearly 1/4 inch, so I think all schools and businesses are closed til May. 

Live Recording

Exciting news! I’m going to be recording a live house show this weekend!

The show will be presented by Common Table, with a delicious bar menu prepared by Chef Simone Kigweba. If you know of him, you know why I’m already hungry. image

If you’re in Nashville, grab a ticket. Space is limited, so check this link out asap: linkage

If you’re an out-of-towner, stay tuned for a recording of this night of fun times*.


* Note: food-chewing sounds will not be recorded.

To Be Used

“He’s totally using you.”

That’s a sign of dysfunction in relationship, isn’t it? 

The guy who takes a girl on a date, buying drinks and emoting kindness, for the sake of ‘getting some.’ The girl who puts out for the sake of having relational security. These are classic examples of people using each other. And everybody knows this isn’t really love. Because “to use” someone is to treat a person like a product. 

But some people love being used.

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