Blake’s Webbed Tour

Y’all. Big news. I’m going on tour!

Well, sorta. 

It’ll be just like a normal rock ‘n roll tour, except instead of the “road” I’ll be on the internet, instead of “clubs” I’ll be on your computer, and instead of “groupies” “backstage,” my roommate might come in my room to ask if I’ve seen his wallet*.

That’s right. A series of shows streamed live on the Internet. It’s Blake’s Webbed Tour!


1. I’ll be streaming a live acoustic show every Tuesday in March @ 8pm CST.

2. I’m using a website called StageIt. Here’s their explanation of what the site is about. Basically, it provides a means for artist and fan interaction in an online concert setting. It’s super cool on the real, and I don’t even like to say “on the real”º. 

3. If you wanna see a show, ya gotta buy a ticket.

4. There are only 25 tickets available for each show. A fact worthy of a bold typeface. Don’t miss out.

5. Suggested ticket donation: $5˚. 

6. Each show is 30 minutes long, but there’s an “Encore” feature on StageIt that could make the show go as long as 50 minutes and also boost my ego about 100 points. 


The first show is a week from today. But I’ve already hit the (internet) road and made a video to show you what it’s like…



* Greg, if you’re reading this, yes, I have seen your wallet. Several times. Velcro is nothing new in the wallet game, man, you don’t have to keep showing me. 

º That’s a lie. I do like to say that. 

˚ The way StageIt does monies is different. You buy tickets using “Notes.” You buy Notes within their site ($1=10 Notes). The thing is that when you’re buying Notes, you have to purchase a minimum of $5 worth. I don’t get all of the ticket money, but I do get some (which I will probably spend on necessities, like food or basketball cards).