Here’s a good ol’ fashioned love song for ya, recorded fresh on my iPhone. Happy V-Day, y’all!



I’ve seen pretty girls before with the long hair and skirts/I’ve even kissed a few in my day, I know how it works

But I’ve never seen such beauty in a woman’s eyes/She can see right through me, but I don’t mind.

She’s my true love

I knew when I was 8 years old I’d play for the Chicago Bulls/But long gone are my youthful years, and I’ve never even dunked a basketball

I guess that’s a funny way to say that she makes me feel alive/See, I haven’t had this much faith since I was a child

She’s my true love

It’s 11:11, I always catch that on the clock/It makes me think about the one I haven’t got

Even if I had to wait til I turned 99/I’d work every last day just to make her mine


My favorite lyrical ideas rarely happen when I go Iooking for them. They’re like the friend who doesn’t call, he just drops by your place and makes himself at home.

"How do the leaves look so alive when they’re dying?"

As you might imagine, that idea struck me as I was admiring the fall colors along my jogging* route. It was a cool concept to me, this idea that the most remarkable traits of a leaf are shown through its death. But, as it often happens, I wasn’t able to connect that big idea to something smaller, an intimate situation worth writing a song about. And I couldn’t just make one up. The only songs I’m able to write with any kind of success are the ones that bubble up from personal experience. I’m no good with theory.

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Hope you like this new guy. Recorded in my bedroom with state-of-the-art equipment: my iPhone. There’s some imperfections, but I hope you don’t mind and instead find some Christmas joy from this song that has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas.


Where did you get your education
I wanna learn to think like you
Do you calculate the risk? The distance of the fall?
Cause the only way I know to love is to risk it all

You’re so much faster than me
You’re so much faster than me

Got me thinking that I was an evergreen
but you broke away like autumn leaves
Do the sun and moon work for you? Do you change seasons when you want to?
How is moving on so easy to do?

I guess you’re just faster than me
You’re so much faster than me
The world must be brighter, must be lighter on the heart
Wish someone could catch me up speed
You’re just faster me

Here’s a demo fresh off the iPhone. Some songs take months for me to finish. This one took about an hour or so. Hopefully that’s not too noticeable. I try my hand at a lil’ keyboardness, so that’s another thing you get to give me grace for (besides the usual pitchy vocal forgiveness). For more about this tune, read the blog post below this one.

If I looked like the preachers do
Saving souls and following rules
If I was sanctified,
would I finally feel alive?
All I want is to fall in love with you

I should send checks to Africa
I should lobby to change the law
If I just did my part, I could wake this sleeping heart
But all I want is to fall in love with you

What happens in a world restored?
When every tongue finally calls you “Lord”
Would you leave us if
Our problems all got fixed? No

Cause all you want is to fall
All you want is to fall in love with me

Thoughts around “To Fall”

Christianity is the best self-help program I know of. In fact, it’s the best global-help program I know of. It’s the strongest movement toward world peace. It’s the force behind great charitable organizations. Christianity expresses a moral standard that is proven successful, socially and scientifically.  And it is responsible for the Christmas holiday, of which Michael Bublé is certainly grateful.

But that’s not the point.

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Here’s another new song, straight from my iPhone to your iPhone (or Motorola Razr?). Again, there’s some rough edges. Someday I’ll sing like Whitney, but thanks for dealing with the amateur-ity until then. I’ve been sitting on this one for a lil’ while because I didn’t know how well it would speak with just an acoustic guitar and occasionally pitchy vocals. But I’ll let you, my best friends forever, decide.  

Should’ve never looked back
When the city burned
Should’ve never got soft, got sick, got hope
For the way we were
Now you’re resting easy
And you’re miles away
And even with your eyes closed, babe,
You’re keeping me awake

You fall like rain on my wings again
I’m going down, but I still pretend
With a heart like stone
It’s easier to lie than let go

I hope you win your race
‘Cause you sure passed me by
How did you learn that pace, so fast
You’re so damn fast
Getting kisses for your cries

I hold on tight like a picture frame
The moment’s gone, but you look the same
When I’m on my own
It’s easier to lie than let go

Yes, you paid your respects
It didn’t cost you much
But I still feel the effects of you here
The breath on my ear
The mirage I just can’t touch

To Feel Your Love | blakestratton
An iPhone demo…please excuse the rough edges


I could prophesy ten years down the line/Raise the dead or speak in tongues of the divine/But life is only found in a whisper

I was made for your love/Was made for your love/I was made to feel your love

The greatest work I’ll do I have now begun/And it’s to simply let you love me as your son/You gave everything just to have me

I was made for your love/Was made for your love/I was made to feel your love
You came for me/For freedom you set me free/Now I am free to feel your love

You chose me for me, you took me as I was/Not for what you’d get, you’ve given me your trust/So here is my heart for the keeping